you have such a beautiful face
i've been dreaming about it between my legs
come over and crawl into my bed
kiss me, get me wet, give me head

make me arch my back like ice cream sundae spoons
give me afterglow as bright and daunting as the moon
rub my feet with yours when we sit in a restaurant booth
make me fall in love with you

take me on a sticky sweet romantic date
take me out to eat at the true love cafe
ask for breakfast menus, order sunny side up eggs
sneak your fingers in me underneath our plates


you taste like sweet apple pie, with whipped cream on the side
your cum is like warm milk, your red cheeks are soft as silk
you taste like raisins in the pudding, sweet soft bugs i'm chewing
stuck between my teeth, curling the toes on my feet, you're so sweet

so i take you to the movies and then back to my house to sleep
you wear a used dirty band shirt and cute panties
whisper secrets and you kiss me
pull me close and tell me
that you think i'm so pretty
well i think you're a jewel
i think you're a ruby

don't know who told you you had a cherry in between your legs
the only thing i pop are the blood vessels on your neck
but if you want one we can split a sundae
tying knots with our tongues
practice for later on the grass when i lift your dress up


he hit me and it felt like a kiss
he spanked me as i laid over his leg
he put me on one knee and said
"sweetie i'll make this cute bum red"
and then he hit me and i was glad

walked over in my knee highs and sat in his lap
smiled wide for him and purred like a little cat
he said "tell me what you want me to do
anything i will"
so i told him to treat me like i'd been a real bad girl

i got down on my hands and my knees
he said, "yeah you're a real bad girl
who needs punishing"
i pouted like a child and gave him puppy eyes
he gave my ass a few more slaps
and made me apologize


you said they make fun of your body
humiliation in your eyes when you told me
well i'm going to find them don't you worry
and i'll make sure they're really fucking sorry

you said you're embarrassed of your body
you told me you think you're really ugly
well my love, i know you don't see
what i see

anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i'm afraid

you said you're ashamed of your body
you'd rather die than show
but i would love you in any form you'd take

you said they say you're disgusting
that they told you you were fat and unworthy
well my love i hope you trust me
when i say you have a perfect body


when i see you i can't find the words to speak
my cheeks go as red as two big cherries
i try to look beautiful for you
stuffing my dress up with tissues
hoping you'll notice
but it's obvious
and i get so embarrassed
i'm so smitten with you and everyone knows it
when you're not around i clutch my chest and say
i'll look you in the eyes and not be so god damn shy
but i am, i can't find the words to speak

but in my dreams i walk up to you and say
"do you want a get a milkshake after the show?"
you say "sure" but first i take you to a bathroom stall
give you a quick handjob and then we go
walk across the street in the snow to the restaurant
squeeze beside each other in the seat, share the same straw
leave my lipstick on the cup and lick the foam off with my tongue
flirting with the waiter when he comes
twirling my hair and batting my eye lashes
like a hollywood starlet winking at the cameras
and when we go i wear your coat around my shoulders
and you hold my hand, you walk me home
i take you in, peel off my dress,
throw you on the bed and do everything i imagined i did
when i masturbated and thought about you


anywhere i go i'm gonna take you with me
pennsylvania, arkansas, texas and kentucky
buy a little trailer big enough for just you and me
stay up watching golden girls and i love lucy

cuddling in bed, i kiss and rub your belly
listen to you snort and wheeze whine in your sleep
greeted with wet kisses in the early morning
always fall asleep to the song of your snoring

and i don't know what i did
before the day i met you
and i don't know what i'd do
if i ever lost you

anywhere you go is the place i'll call my home
painting welcome signs and growing flowers in the lawn
eating junk and watching trash til the break of the dawn
a gentleman you are, always take me on long walks
a great big appetite, i like men who know how to eat
slurping the same noodle when we share spaghetti
eating peanut butter, dip the spoons in the jar
buy a box of donuts glazed in icing sugar

and i don't know what i did
before the day i met you
and i don't know what i'd do
if i ever lost you

you're the lumpiest, squishiest, fattest little thing
you're the sweetest little guy, my double-chinned baby
you're the only man i want and the only man i need
you're the only man late at night when i sleep
you're the cutest pug
the kind i spent my whole life dreaming of
growing old together in a trailer park so in love

700 CLUB

virgin mary, jesus christ
think i just found the light in your eyes
think i just became as religious as they come
i think i just found god
dumb founded by the glow of your gold halo
oh god i can't believe i'm staring at a living angel

give me a bible, i'll put my hand on it
give me a pen to join the 700 club
baptisms baby, dip me in the lake
pour the holy water i'll drink the whole cup

cause i never believed there was a heaven til i found you
and i never prayed the church always told me to
but now you can count on me to get on my knees for you

virgin mary, jesus christ
who would have thought all those church signs were right?
the lord did come and he is my savior
i'm a good girl now i'm a believer
i don't have blind faith cause i've got proof
i know angels are real now that i've found you


if only i could love you enough to give you what you need
if only i could be for you the hand that feeds
cause i know you can only starve so much
til you like how it feels
sitting on a throne of bones
staring at that cold meal

it's not your body that i love
but it's the shell you're inside of
and you're killing it, you're killing
the only piece of you i can touch
it's not your body that i need
but that's what sleeps next to me
and you're killing it, you're killing it
you're killing it
please eat

if only i could make you believe you deserve everything
every spoon and bite, anything, you want to eat
cause i know can only starve so much
before you'll die
there's parts of you already gone
i can never revive


take me to the blue moon motel
carry me over the threshold
treat me like i am your young bride
together on our wedding night
fuck me in the motel shower
make my makeup run like a porn star
carry me naked to the bed
fawn my hair out when it's still wet

from the motel window, the signs twinkle and the stars go
i see all the places you've taken me and all the places we'll go together

hold me spoon me and i'll pretend
in your arms that i am pregnant
with your baby, yeah your baby
your two babies softly sleeping

you're my mickey i'm your mallory
you're my kurt i'm your courtney
you're my joe i'm your norma
you're my clarence and i'm your alabama